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Mediterranean... to discover
Turquoise sea in Mugoni Beach

A paradise of tranquility made of clear and soft sand and crystalline sea: impalpability of the sand, placid waters and trees behind it, characteristics very similar to a tropical paradise.
You will relax in a place that will give you the feeling of serenity!


Mediterranean... to eat
Griglieria Meloni

Come and spend an evening with the delicious cuisine and all its culinary specialties.
At the Griglieria Meloni restaurant we have exquisite dishes and a beautiful setting for you.

The regional recipes will amaze you.
With us, with coffee, aromatic beer and good wine there are delicious grilled specialties or paellas.

Come and visit us for a lavish dinner.


Mediterranean... to drink
Ledà d'Ittiri

The winery is located in Arenosu on the slopes of Monte Doglia about 10 km from Alghero.
It boasts the
environmental quality mark of the Porto Conte Natural Park.
The company is family-run and has been producing excellent
red and white wines and quality extra virgin olive oil since 2004.


Mediterranean... to relax
Wine Resort Ledà

A room over the vineyards. The Ledà d'Ittiri Wine Resort is fantastic for those looking for a special place made of peace, nature and fine wines, in an ideal position to easily reach the city of Alghero and the beautiful beaches in the area. Also ideal as a scheduled stop on a tour of Sardinia.


Mediterranean... to know
Alghero Rent Boat

Discover the Coast
Explore all the beaches and coves of the coast around Alghero in freedom and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the sea and nature.


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