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Mediterranean... to discover
Phi Beach

The Costa Smeralda, besides its beautiful sea, is known for its prestigious way of having fun and exclusivity.
A few steps from your
Baja Hotel, you will find a magical place, where the beach, rocks, and patios, along with the DJ set create some of the most glamorous nights in the Baja Sardinia.


Mediterranean... to drink
Cantine Surrau

Where Passion becomes Art.
Surrau vineyards extend in the easternmost part of Gallura, in sunny valleys, caressed by the clean mistral wind that blows from the Bocche di Bonifacio.
Here the vine is nourished by the granite sands of the hills of
Juannisolu and Capichera, by the clays of the plains of Pastura and Cascioni and by the fragrances of the Mediterranean maquis of the Surrau valley. Here, where nature imitates art in the eclectic forms of granite shaped by the wind, man picks the best fruits and transforms them into splendid wines.


Mediterranean... to enjoy
Porto Cervo nightlife

The magical nightlife.
It is at
sunset that the magic of the Costa Smeralda nightlife comes on. Time for the indispensable walk before dinner through the narrow streets of Porto Cervo up to the famous Piazzetta where the most prestigious brands, bars and restaurants are located.


Mediterranean... to know
The Shopping streets

Porto Cervo and the Shopping Streets is a prestigious shopping complex called Piazza del Principe where there are 20 boutiques, the Prince le Restaurant restaurant and the Prince Cafè.

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