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Marina di Orosei

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Mediterranean... to discover
Transparent sea in Marina di Orosei

The Gulf of Orosei is located along the central eastern coast of Sardinia. It takes its name from Orosei, a town in the province of Nuoro located 2 km from the coast in the Cedrino river valley.
I also flew in the open sea to give you a
beautiful view of the coast. The water is a magnificent emerald color.

Mediterranean... to savour
Disco Pub Gasoline

A few steps from the sea, in the natural setting of the Orosei Marina, we find the Pub Gasoline.
The Pub offers its customers the possibility to
choose between the land menu and the sea menu, which gives those who taste them a unique and extremely satisfying experience.
moment of relaxation awaits you!


Mediterranean... to drink
Azienda Agricola Donna Lina

A generation of winegrowers.
Donna Lina planted the vineyard in
1979. Since then, our family has taken care of it, reconciling the quality of the product with attention to the environment. The result is our bottles, now on the market since 2016, which are well appreciated and you can find them in most places in the area of Orosei.


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