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Is Arutas - Cabras

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Mediterranean... to discover
Transparent sea in Is Arutas

The beach of Is Arutas extends for several kilometers and has a transparent sea that takes on colors between green and intense blue.
It is known as the beach of
rice grains, being composed of small grains of quartz, which have shades ranging from pink to green to pure white.

Mediterranean... to savour
Da Attilio - Is Arutas

Also treat yourself to a gastronomic fish experience and stop for lunch with us, at Attilio's.
We are located right in the
sedge huts in front of the wonderful beach of Is Arutas.
The dishes we offer are selected,
well cooked, and with a good quality/price ratio.


Mediterranean... to drink
Contini 1898

We are proud to be the first and oldest winery in Sardinia, a record we owe entirely to our founder, Salvatore Contini and his wife Anna Maria Dessì.
That era, although distant in time, is absolutely present when you are lucky enough to visit the
heart of our cellar, the historic barrel cellar.


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