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Porto Paglia

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Transparent sea in Porto Paglia

Porto Paglia takes its name from the ancient tuna fishery, dating back to the 18th century, which for two centuries was one of the most productive in the Mediterranean.
The beach is about
half a kilometer long and is of light sand with golden hues and pink streaks due to the minerals mixed with it.

Mediterranean... to savour
Solaria Beach Club

Welcome to Solaria Beach Club, a grouping of beach establishments that offers its customers a wide choice of services and activities for adults and childrens.
Located on the
splendid beach of Porto Paglia, with its golden sandy shore and crystal clear sea, it offers all the beach services for total comfort and relaxation.


Mediterranean... to drink
Cantina Arriali - Paolo Pitzolu

Arriali winery was founded in 2018 in Iglesias, in Southern Sardinia, in the area called S’Arriali.
The project conceived by the Oenologist
Paolo Pitzolu, aims to create wines that are born from the combination of vineyards, selected in different areas particularly suited for each single variety and from the use of personalized winemaking techniques for each type of grape.


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