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Vignola Mare

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Vignola Beach

Vignola Beach is located in front of the seaside village of the Municipality of Aglientu. The houses of Vignola Mare overlook the sandy shores just in the middle of the Vignola bay and enjoy uninterrupted views of the sea that takes on spectacular hues from deep blue to turquoise. It is considered a paradise for lovers of sailing activities such as windsurfing.

Mediterranean... to eat
Pirati dei Caraibi

Seafront restaurant with a wide choice of food and drinks.
Choose from the many recipes of the varied traditional Italian cuisine and let yourself be enchanted. Our specialties vary between sea and land, we start from lunch with a menu consisting of sandwiches, salads and main courses, to be immediately ready for the next swim. While for dinner the dishes have all been designed to enjoy a perfect dinner in front of the beautiful sunset of Vignola Mare.
Available service of umbrellas, sunbeds and canoes.


Mediterranean... to drink
Cantina Lu Colbu

Love, passion and respect.
The Lu Colbu farm was born in Sardinia (
Gallura) in 2012, in a unique landscape in terms of characteristics and microclimate. The passion for wine and the love that the owners have for this island have led to the birth of the vineyard, immersed in an uncontaminated natural context, rich in all the scents of the Mediterranean scrub.


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