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Bosa marina

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Mediterranean... to discover
Turquoise sea in Bosa Marina

Bosa is a small town located on the west coast of Sardinia and is characterized by an imposing castle and the flow of the Temo, the only navigable river in Sardinia.
It is a magical dive into
wild nature full of colors and scents, in a blue and turquoise sea that will leave you speechless and with enchanting people ready to help you in any way!

Mediterranean... to savour
Il Localino Bosa Marina

Il Localino is a beach establishment located in the splendid Bay of Bosa Marina.
It is open from early morning with
excellent breakfasts overlooking the sea, has an accurate catering service for lunch and dinner where seafood cuisine is the protagonist and offers fantastic aperitifs at sunset accompanied by delicious appetizers.


Mediterranean... to drink
Cantina Angelo Angioi

The company stands on a limestone plateau 180 meters above sea level, rocky and shallow, in an area called Salto di Coloras.
Malvasia di Bosa in three different varieties, and then a Vermentino, a White D.O.P and a Cannonau.
All characterized by
the taste of Angelo Angioi.


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