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Cala Sabina

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Mediterranean... to discover
Turquoise sea in Cala Sabina

A place that leaves you speechless and impresses with the incredible turquoise hue of the sea. The scent of the sea that alternates with the scent of junipers as the wind changes, make Cala Sabina a magical place capable of bewitching anyone.

Mediterranean... to know
Covo del Mar

Covo del Mar is characterized as a meeting place to spend whole days between the beach, lounge bar and restaurant waiting for the sunset on the beach, with music, dancing and fun.


Mediterranean... to relax
Gabbiano Azzurro

Set foot in Paradise and leave out all the rest: light blue waters and white soft sand, friendly staff that warmly takes care of you, land and sea of richness and bounty for you to discover.


Mediterranean... to know
Nord Est Noleggio

Discover the Coast

Boat abd dinghy rental. Freely explore all the beaches and coves of the Costa Smeralda let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the sea and nature.

We are able to provide you with additional services that can be configured according to your needs.


Cantina delle Vigne
di Pietro Mancini

Our vineyards are located in Gallura, in the north-eastern corner of Sardinia. Among granite giants and centuries-old oaks, our grapes grow warmed by the summer sun and caressed by the mistral wind that create a perfect microclimate.


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