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Tower of San Giovanni Posada

The Tower of San Giovanni is an ancient Aragonese tower located in the seaside village of the same name, a hamlet of Posada.
Its main function was that of
sighting and defense from enemy ships such as the Saracen and Barbary ones.


Active Kite Sardinia
Learn how to kitesurf

Active Kite Sardinia offers kitesurfing courses for all levels and customized according to your wishes.
Our instructors are certified with international licenses, always ready to entertain you in complete safety.


Cantine Animas
Reflection of Sardinia

From the passion and the daily work, our wines are born, a combination of tradition, expressed by the Vermentino and the Cannonau, and international grapes, represented by Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot.
We at Cantine Animas are more than aware of
living and working in a unique environment, Sardinia.


La Tartaruga
Restaurant & Pizzeria

Restaurant - Pizzeria on the beach!

Fabulous dishes, kind and very attentive staff!
Quality price ... enchanting location!

What to ask for more?


Fior di Sardegna
Resort in San Giovanni di Posada

A delightful village between sea and land. The Resort is conceived as a small village where all the services are located in the centre, while the accommodation winds along the paths. A small village surrounded by the scents of the Mediterranean maquis!


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